Política de Privacidad

Privacy Policy

1) What is this privacy statement for?

This is the privacy statement by 5 Digital Street. This privacy statement describes the policy used by 5 Digital Street regarding the privacy of information in our possession.

5 Digital Street conceives, develops and supplies innovative communication resources for the commercial market. As a result of this kind of service provision, 5 Digital Street possesses personal information. Do you use 5 Digital Street services? Then this privacy statement is intended for you. In this privacy statement, you can read about the information 5 Digital Street collects, what 5 Digital Street uses this information for, how 5 Digital Street protects privacy and personal information, how long the information is stored and how you can view and/or correct your personal information.

5 Digital Street does not share personal information with third parties, unless this is (1) legally required, (2) necessary to supply a service or (3) specifically requested by the customer that has provided the personal information.

1.1 Legal requirement

5 Digital Street is legally obliged to store certain information from customers for a specific time period for the purposes of legal investigations. 5 Digital Street must cooperate with requests for personal information from the judicial authorities or other authorized government institutions, as well as with requests for information we process and store as part of our normal business operations. For example information from your telephone records or about your data usage. When the storage period has elapsed, stored information is destroyed or made anonymous. Another example of a legal requirement is the calling of the emergency number 112. When you do this, your telephone number and the location of your telephone are always transmitted to the 112 control room, even when you have blocked the display of your telephone number. This is a legal requirement.

1.2 Necessary for our service provision

5 Digital Street does not always supply its services itself, but uses, for example, Wholesalers to supply its services. In such a case, it is necessary that we share the information that is required for the provision of certain services with Wholesalers. For example, when 5 Digital Street shares information with its Wholesaler, the Wholesaler must comply with the conditions specified by 5 Digital Street and the same privacy requirements we adhere to also apply to that company.

1.3 At the request of the customer

It is also possible that you as the customer purchase certain services for which personal information is required. For example an App that uses GPS data. In such cases you can use your telephone or the App to specify whether or not you wish to share this information, and then give this permission to the App provider. 5 Digital Street is then not the party that processes your personal information.

1.4 Who can I ask questions about my information?

Naturally, we would be happy to answer any questions you have regarding your personal information. You can ask your questions by sending an email to go@5digitalstreet.com. We will then provide a substantive answer to your question and contact you if necessary.

1.5 Where can I find the latest version of the privacy statement?

Rapid technological developments, legislation or changes to business processes mean that 5 Digital Street has to alter this Privacy Statement fairly regularly. The date at the top of this Privacy Statement shows when it was last updated. 5 Digital Street can change this privacy statement unilaterally. We therefore recommend that you regularly check this privacy statement for changes.

1.6 Who is responsible for your information?

5 Digital Street in Madrid, Spain, is responsible for the collection and use of your information.

2) What information do we collect?

2.1 Personal and User Information

When you purchase a service from 5 Digital Street, or when you contact us, 5 Digital Street processes your Personal Information. Personal information is information that can be traced to an individual. The word 'process' has a very broad definition. It refers to all actions relating to personal information, including the collection, storage, changing, viewing and using, provision, grouping, shielding, erasing and destruction of information.

The information requested by 5 Digital Street when you purchase a service is your: name, address, telephone number, email address and bank account number.

2.2 website

5DigitalStreet.com and our customer portal Operator use cookies to optimize the functionality of certain pages on the websites. Cookies are small text files that are placed on the visitor's computer by a page on the website. In these cookies certain information is stored, such as certain preferences the visitor has. This allows 5 Digital Street to serve the visitor even better when they next visit the site. The visitor can decide how cookies should be handled. He or she can set up the browser so that it permits, partly permits or forbids the use of cookies. In case of partial permission, it is possible to choose which websites may use cookies. They are then blocked for all other websites.

5DigitalStreet.com and our customer portal Operator also use Google Analytics, Hotjar and Social Media cookies (such as Facebook and LinkedIn) to analyze how users use the site. For Google Analytics, the information generated by cookies about your visit to the website (including your IP address) is transferred to and stored on servers in the United States by Google. Google uses this information to monitor the way you use the website, compose reports on the website activity for website operators, and offer other services with regard to website activity and internet use.


When you visit our head office, you will be registered as a guest. We use this registration for safety purposes, so that we can quickly evacuate the premises in case of a disaster, without leaving anyone behind.

We also use camera recordings as a safety measure in our offices. We do this to protect our guests, personnel and the building. You will be clearly informed about the presence of cameras when on our premises.

3) What do we use this information for?

3.1 Providing services and invoicing

5 Digital Street uses the aforementioned information primarily for the provision and improvement of services purchased by you. For example the delivery of an order to the specified address, or the setting up of a telephone call.

Based on these services and the use thereof, 5 Digital Street drafts an invoice. This invoice shows the fees charged for each service, specified by type of use. You can see fees incurred abroad, call costs, data usage and more. The invoice does not show an overview of all calls or data sessions. A detailed overview, for monitoring or administrative purposes, can be found in Operator.

3.2 Traffic management, network planning and quality of services

For the sake of the maintenance and the improvement of our platform, we analyze information about the use of our network. We do this so that we can, among other things, redirect traffic in case of potential overloading, but especially so that we can prevent this by planning and implementing targeted improvements. In addition, we can use the information to see when malfunctions occur on the platform.

3.3 Security

Based on analyzes of call and internet behaviour, 5 Digital Street can proceed to restrict certain destinations when excessive usage is detected. Higher usage than the average call behavior may indicate fraud. A blockade can limit fraud and misuse, and prevent you from receiving a huge bill for fees that you have not incurred yourself. 5 Digital Street also uses advanced techniques (such as firewalls, spam filters and virus scanners) to protect against security breaches, viruses, spam and malware.

3.4 CallerID

5 Digital Street always displays your telephone number to the called number. This means that your number will be visible to the call recipient on the display of their telephone. This can be turned off by calling anonymously. However, we are legally obliged to always reveal your number when you call 112.

3.5 Legal requirements

In some cases 5 Digital Street is legally required to give your information to third parties. For example, the provision of information in the context of a criminal investigation, to authorities, and – at your request – to other providers for the purposes of shielding the called number in the records.

3.6 Training and education of personnel

When you contact our service desk, it is possible that your call will be recorded for training purposes. You will be informed of this prior to the call.

3.7 Malicious or annoying contact

If someone is harassing you by telephone or via the internet, then you can report this to us and submit a written request to provide information on the person responsible for this malicious or annoying behaviour. If you harass someone by telephone, then this person can report this to us and make the same request. If we receive such a request, then we follow the procedure described above. If that does not help, then 5 Digital Street will, as a last resort, provide the complainant with your telephone number, name, address and place of residence.

4) Viewing and correcting your personal information

4.1 How do you view your personal information?

If you wish to view your personal information, then you can submit a request to us to provide the information. This means that you can ask which personal information about you is registered and for what purposes it is being used. You can submit this request by email. Our email address is go@5digitalstreet.com. If you are a 5 Digital Street Wholesaler or you use our services as an end user via our Wholesalers, then you can view the personal information via Operator Online as both Wholesaler and end user. Should you have any questions about this as end user, then you can pose them to your supplier, our Wholesaler.

4.2 How do you correct your personal information?

The 5 Digital Street Wholesaler can correct the personal information of its customers, the end users, in Operator Online. The Wholesaler cannot correct its own personal information in Operator. To do this, they must submit an Operator ticket to 5 Digital Street, after which an answer will be given within 2 weeks. If you are a Wholesaler or end user, you can submit a request for correction by email. Our email address is go@5digitalstreet.com.

4.3 Right of objection

You can oppose the processing of personal information by 5 Digital Street if your personal information is used for purposes that are not necessary for the implementation of an agreement or for compliance with legal obligations. You can submit your objection by email. Our email address is go@5digitalstreet.com.



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