Cloud y Ciberseguridad, así se consolida la transformación

Cloud and Cybersecurity, this is how the transformation is consolidated

You have to be in the clouds. After a huge leap in scale, cloud computing is confirmed as the engine of digitization. Your perfect match, cybersecurity.

In a recent interview, the head of cloud computing at Telefónica gave an amazing fact: in the first three weeks of the state of alarm in Spain, the market for these services grew more than in the previous five years. And that in that five years the cloud advanced positions year after year as a global technological trend.

Cloud y Ciberseguridad, así se consolida la transformación

The reason is easy to understand: suddenly a large majority of companies and institutions in a country find themselves forced to migrate part of their activity to the cloud, fundamentally, although not only, by resorting to teleworking and online education. But we insist, it is nothing new, these services existed, they had been growing for store and process huge amounts of data, guarantee constant technological updating and reduce costs, among other advantages.

novelty is the scale in cloud computing adoption as a basic operational capacity, not in large companies, which had done their homework, but in small and medium-sized ones. According to data from Telefónica, their 80% continues to make local copies on hard drives, for example. And only the 21% have a job continuity plan.

This management model, which was already an engine of business transformation, will be irreversibly consolidated as a result of this momentum, increasing its importance as competitive factor. There are already predictions about the development of business applications throughout its value chain, both in public as well as private or hybrid clouds, in hosting or housing or in the development of multicloud environments -groups of different clouds that can be combined so that companies gain agility when allocating computing resources as demand rises or falls-.

Cloud y Ciberseguridad, así se consolida la transformación

to older, the technology sector is not only called to be one of the most resistant in the new status quo, it is that it is already being key to protecting economies from full or partial hibernation In almost all the world. The demand for digital services seems safe, despite the fact that companies cut budgets in some of them.

One of those armored services is the cybersecurity, whose strategic nature grows along with that of the cloud computing and the outsourcing. Government and sector studies have already been published on the wave of cyber attacks taking advantage of the confusion, the urgency to adopt the telecommuting and other vulnerabilities such as unprotected equipment or weak barriers at access points. Scammers and hackers they sniff those cracks to use social engineering or slip viruses as harmful as covid to IT health and business continuity.

Ultimately, the growth of business digitization it fosters an equivalent leap in cybersecurity, or at least it should. When the economy picks up, organizations will reposition themselves in the leadership hierarchy also based on their comprehensive security architecture, including the shared cybersecurity model between the user company and the cloud service provider.

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