Cloud y Ciberseguridad, así se consolida la transformación

Cloud and Cybersecurity, this is how the transformation is consolidated

You have to be in the clouds. After a huge leap in scale, cloud computing is confirmed as the engine of digitization. Your perfect match, cybersecurity.

In a recent interview, the head of cloud computing at Telefónica gave an amazing fact: in the first three weeks of the state of alarm in Spain, the market for these services grew more than in the previous five years. And that in that five years the cloud advanced positions year after year as a global technological trend.

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Precisamente ahora los clientes esperan la mejor experiencia de usuario

Precisely now customers expect the best user experience

In the face of uncertainty, empathy. The competitive factor of serving customers more closely than ever.

Is the economy also a state of mind? Of course. Even more so when the professional impact is of such caliber that it affects the personal like never before. Companies make epic balances to take care of their staff, not neglect their customers and adapt your activity to the online plan. And consumers face the same challenge, trying to defend their own economic viability with as little shock as possible.

Also intervenes the time factor: Although confinement is gradually reduced and activity revives, health precautions will continue to limit face-to-face contact -and therefore empowering the virtual- for months. This will imply changes with trend to become permanent and companies must prepare with more stable solutions what circumstantial Example: someone who barely resorted to online commerce now out of necessity checks its effectiveness and goes from potential customer to convinced in days.

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