No pienses en el mañana, piensa en el día después

Don't think about tomorrow, think about the day after

The ability to anticipate is always strategic, but in the midst of a crisis it becomes vital. Objective: survive, but not only tomorrow, also in the medium and long-term post-covid scenarios.

Contradictory human mind, it is capable of imagining everything but is almost incapable of predicting the future. And that, to the future, is where all the million dollar questions are projected.

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Teletrabajar sin perder productividad sino todo lo contrario

Teleworking without losing productivity but quite the opposite

Well planned, remote work can improve efficiency, strengthen the team and provide many more pros than cons.

Since when is telecommuting noted as one of the trends about to take off? Years. However, as with the electric car, it did not finish consolidating and Until three months ago, only 4.31 TP2T of Spanish workers practiced it. In the Netherlands, the 14%, according to Eurostat.

But, as in so many other things, covid-19 will mark a before and after. Teleworking is not only implemented massively, it is here to stay even if, once the crisis is over, its volume is reduced.

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